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productWelpro Industrial Limited is a Swedish invested company with headquarters in Hong Kong and sales office in Sweden and China. The manufacturing factory is located in Jiangning Science Park, Nanjing China. We have professional production lines to produce flexible composite material for heavy industry packaging. Our product WelPro provides excellent protection for heavy industrial products during transportation,storage and operation.

Product characteristics:
  • Environment friendly using recyclable material.
  • No sirex treatment required non wood products.
  • Low cost - replace timber packaging.
  • Flexibility -suitable for products with curve shape.
  • Variability -width from 100mm to 4600mm.
  • Multi function - mechanical protection, water UV resistant, etc.

WelPro consists three layers:
  • Outer layer:- Cross-laminated PE film, fibre reinforced (net) PE coated craft paper or PE coated craft paper, water and UV resistant.
  • Corelayer:- HDF board with even density and high strength to provide mechanical protection.
  • Innerlayer:- PE coated craft paper, craft paper or anti corrosion craft paper, protects goods from moisture and rust.

Product types :
Type Core Material Outer Material Inner Material Weight Thickness Product code
PE film- PE craft paper HDF board Cross laminated PE film PE coated craft paper 2.2 kg/m2 3.2 mm WFEC/WFES
Net PE craft paper - PE craft paper HDF board Reinforced craft paper with glass fibre net PE coated craft paper 2.3 kg/m2 3.4 mm WNEC / WNES
PE craft paper - Craft paper HDF board PE coated craft paper Craft paper 2.2 kg/m2 3.2 mm BEPC / BEPS

  • W White, B Brown, F PE film, E PE craft paper, N Net PE Craft paper, P craft paper, C continue length, S sheet.
  • Standard product width 1220mm, core material thickness 3mm, continuous length 260m.
  • Custom made product width 100mm to 4600mm, core material thickness 3mm, length as customer required
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